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Recommendations Long-term Development of the Hydroecosystem of the Lake Engure and its Influencing Factors Investigations of water chemical composition and biota of Lake Engure have been carried out since by using standard methods for inland surface waters.

Long-term Development of the Hydroecosystem of the Lake Engure and its Influencing Factors

Time series of air temperature and precipitation for the Mersrags meteorological station for the period to are used for the trend analysis. The results show that the long-term development of the hydroecosystem is related to such environmental factors as the lake's geographical location, basin and morphology, as well as the lake's history and relationship of biotic and abiotic factors.

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His Ph. He has been active as a principal investigator of several research projects, in Indonesia, on soil management and conservation as well as on climate change mitigation and adaptation. He was also the national coordinator and principal investigator of various international collaborative research related to soil management and on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation REDD. As a former Director of the Indonesian Soil Research Institute, he has a good background in the national policy undertaking, particularly with regards to land use and soil management and conservation.

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Considering the general maritime cluster, the shipping and related industries like navy, cruise shipping, fishing are main demand generators in the rest of maritime sectors. However, nowadays shipping is losing its links with the other maritime sectors on their home market due to the globalisation. Ship owners operate their ships far away from their home country and are free to order their services in any country as long as it is cheap and convenient. Demand supply relationships in maritime cluster general model Also the Latvian maritime cluster is not an exception to this rule of thumb, considering the most observable sectors it can be seen that ports depend on the local transit cargo flows, but the shipping sector is not attached to these cargo flows. Therefore it leads to the situation that the two most important sectors in the Latvian maritime cluster have different interests and weak links.

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Outreach Event on IPCC Role and Findings for the Baltic Region

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